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How Assisted Living Enhances Your Quality of Life

Quality of life is one of the leading concerns for all of us as we age. While Desiderata may tell us to “Surrender gracefully, the things of youth…” frankly, we’d really rather not!

Still, when mom or dad’s health needs are changing, medical issues become more complicated, and day-to-day tasks are becoming more challenging, you’ll likely start to look into an assisted living community as an option for them. But is that really a better option for their quality of life than taking care of your loved one in their own home? What about your quality of life if you are an adult child doing the caregiving?  Even hiring, managing and checking in on a part time or live-in caregiver can be stressful. In this article, our assisted living caregivers will discuss the ways in which assisted living actually enhances the quality of life for your loved one and their entire family.

  • Independence: The ability to live your life as you’d like – a priority in each of our lives — is also a priority in assisted living. At Lester Senior Living, we give our residents the perfect balance between support services and gentle encouragement toward an active lifestyle filled with independence, privacy and many opportunities for social activities and engagement.
  • Physical safety: Modern assisted living communities like the JCHC at Lester, are designed especially for seniors, providing easy access for those with mobility limitations, while also reducing the risks of falls and injuries. In addition, there are caregivers and security personnel on duty 24-hours a day, 7 days a week, to provide rapid, professional assistance if needed. Gone are worries over mom leaving the oven on, or falling when she is alone, or forgetting to take her medication. This is a huge relief to both residents and their families.
  • Mental and physical stimulation: Our communities offer specialized programs which provide a wonderful level of mental and physical stimulation, including fitness classes, JCHC University classes, off-site trips, synagogue services and activity clubs like knitting, mahjong and gardening. These activities help build  strong community relationships and a sense of purpose, and are organized in a way that allows each person to choose their level of participation.
  • Day-to-day assistance: Often, household chores can become more challenging and time-consuming as we age gracefully. In order to free up your loved one’s time for more important and enjoyable activities, our staff can assist them daily. This includes assistance with personal care, apartment cleaning services and several dining options.
  • Transportation: Outings to shops, social events and more are all organized and taken care of by our fully-trained and friendly staff. This gives residents a little adventure and a change of scenery. We provide the freedom to carry out social and other appointments easily and safely, without having to worry about driving or getting someone to drive you..

Enjoy life to the fullest in assisted living 

There is a good argument to be made that moving your loved one to an assisted living community is an elevation of quality of life for the entire family. But it has to be a community that everyone can trust and believe in.

We encourage you to consider visiting Lester Senior Living in Whippany, New Jersey to see for yourself what a modern, active assisted living community can be. We’re confident that you’ll find Lester is dedicated to maintaining the independence and dignity of your family members  for as long as possible. Our assisted living care philosophy and social programs ensure residents receive the support and stimulation they need and they can be involved with the community at any level they are comfortable with. 

For more information about JCHC’s senior living options in New Jersey, please contact us today or visit our website at: https://jchcorp.og