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Why Summer is the Best Time of Year to Move to Assisted Living?

Let’s start by saying there is no wrong time to move into assisted living. However, choosing a certain time of the year can make the transition easier for everyone involved. For one, moving during the winter months can be tough due to all the holiday festivities going on. Not to mention, snow can make packing up boxes and traveling back and forth in the moving van a lot more difficult. If you and your senior loved ones are able to choose when to make the move, we have a few reasons why summer is the best time.

The weather goes according to plan. As we mentioned briefly above, there is no chance of snow during the summers to complicate traveling back and forth with moving boxes. More importantly, there’s no chance of ice to slip on. It’s also a lot warmer outside during the summer months, so there’s less chance of a common cold or flu throwing a wrench in the mix.

Longer days to take advantage of. When the days are longer, and the sun is shining, most people tend to be more productive. Which means it’s a great time to take on a large, time-consuming task like moving. It could also be more cost effective to make the move in a full day, with moving trucks often being rented by the hour. It will feel like a long day for sure, but will be well worth it to get it all done in one shot.

The best time to sell, sell, sell. With the current seller’s market still going strong and more people taking time off for vacation, summer is the best time for mom and dad to get the most bang for their buck on their house.

Take advantage of all the action! It’s a great time to jump right into community life since many events and activities onsite are being held outdoors. At Lester Senior Living, there are many fun, outdoor activities to take part in each month. Some of our crowd favorites include “The Garden Club,” “Iced Tea and Cookies on The Patio,” “Stretch & Flex” and “Yoga with Kim.”

Assisted Living for Seniors in NJ

At our community in Morris County NJ, we offer a wide range of care services for aging seniors in a secure and welcoming environment. Designed to enhance independence, our lively social calendar is updated monthly with different activities to appeal to every resident. Some of our most popular activities include movie nights, trivia challenges, and JCHC University Classes.

For more information about our assisted living and independent living communities in NJ, call us today or visit our website at: https://jchcorp.org