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Why Fall is the Best Time of Year to Move to Assisted Living

Moving to a thriving senior community is a great idea, any time of the year. However, with summer coming to an end and fall quickly approaching, now is an ideal time to plan a move into assisted living. The weather is just starting to cool down and you miss the mad dash of people wanting to get in before the summer ends. In this article, we’ll go over the reasons, obvious or not, why fall is the best time to move into an assisted living facility.

No more heat! Who wants to move boxes back and forth while dripping sweat? No one, that’s who. Not to mention, many seniors are sensitive to high heat and humidity. With seniors being at a greater risk of heat exhaustion, the moderate temperatures in the fall are more than ideal for making a big move.

The grandkids are back at school. What does this have to do with moving to assisted living? Well, everything really! With the grandkids back at school, the kids of senior parents have more time available to help them plan, organize and move into assisted living. This is crucial because moving is too much work to take on alone. It truly takes a village to ensure any move goes smoothly.

Perfect time to join outdoor activities. Since fall weather is cooler, it’s a great time to get involved with the many events and activities that take place outside. At Lester Senior Living, there are many fun, outdoor activities to participate in every month. Some of our residents’ favorite activities are “The Garden Club,” “Iced Tea and Cookies on The Patio,” “Stretch & Flex” and “Yoga with Kim.”

Settle in right before the holidays begin. If your loved one moves in at the beginning of fall, they have ample time to set up their space, establish daily routines and make new friends before the holiday season. This is important because the holidays are all about celebrating with the ones you love at home. By the time winter approaches, your loved one will feel comfortable in their new home and have the opportunity to decorate their new space with holiday decor – right in time to have friends and family come visit for dinners and gift exchanging.

Assisted Living Community for Seniors in Morris County

At Lester Senior Living, we offer a wide range of personal care services, amenities and fun activities for seniors in Morris County. Some of our most popular activities include (but are not limited to) movie nights, trivia challenges, and JCHC University Classes. We always welcome suggestions for new activities and events because we truly want each resident to enjoy themselves and feel like Lester is their home.

For more information about our assisted living services in Morris County NJ, call a member of our team today or visit our website at: https://jchcorp.org/