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When are Respite Services Needed?

Caregivers or children who are providing for senior parents, sometimes need the opportunity to take a break from the daily care of an elderly loved one. While respite care can be provided at home, there are many more benefits to having your loved one spend their respite stay in a senior living community. Especially if you and your loved one have already been toying around with the idea of moving into a senior community. Often the idea of a “short term stay” is an easier bridge for your loved one to cross, when broaching the subject of moving into a senior community. “Why don’t you just try it out Ma, while we’re on vacation for a couple weeks?” In this way, seniors will be able to experience the community first-hand without any long-term obligation. With respite care, family caregivers are relieved to know their loved one will be comfortable, entertained, and professionally cared for at all times, even more than if you hired a part time caregiver in the home.

So, how do you know when respite is needed? There is no right answer for this question, but here are the main reasons we hear most often from our respite care team in Morris County, NJ

  • Caregiver burnout. Ah, the dreaded caregiver burnout. For those who may be unaware of this condition, it’s a state of physical, emotional and mental exhaustion that can occur when one is a full-time caregiver. The first signs of burnout can be a visible change in attitude, from positive and caring to negative, frustrated and unconcerned. Burnout can easily happen when caregivers don’t get the help they need, or if they try to do more than they are emotionally and physically capable. With that being said, it’s very important to take a step back from caregiving and utilize respite services when you feel you are reaching this state of mental or physical exhaustion. 
  • Travel and holidays. Being a caregiver shouldn’t prevent you from traveling for business or pleasure. And although holidays are usually a time to see extended family, it could also be a prime opportunity to get away from all the holiday madness with your close, immediate family. While you are away, respite caregivers at an assisted living facility can provide the personal care services, customized meal plans and social stimulation your loved one needs while you make travel plans. 
  • Moving into a new home. Moving into a new home is a busy and stressful experience that often leaves little time for other commitments, like caring for a senior parent. With respite services, you can rest assured knowing that your loved one’s care and companionship needs will be met while you pack up your things and settle into your new place. This will make the move far less stressful for both you and your loved one.
  • Making the transition to assisted living. As we mentioned above, If you’d like your loved one to try out senior living without making the full commitment, then respite care is the answer. With no long term obligations, you and your loved one can explore the community, find out more about our services and meet the neighbors. Fully ensuring assisted living is the right choice for both you and your loved one before making a final decision. 

Compassionate respite care services in Morris County, NJ

At JCHC’s Lester Senior Living, we’re dedicated to providing high quality respite services that deliver individualized care, companionship and many opportunities to socialize in a secure and nurturing environment. With a welcoming atmosphere, lively residents and staff members, and a calendar filled with extracurricular activities, your loved one will be in the best possible hands while enjoying their stay with us.

In addition to respite services, we also offer independent living, assisted living and are able to offer memory care services to those with Alzheimer’s and dementia. For more information on Lester Senior Living and our additional senior care services, please contact us today to request a personal tour or visit our website at: https://jchcorp.org