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When it’s Time for a Change—and Assisted Living

Many older adults wish to maintain their independence for as long as possible, remaining in their home. However, as we age, this often becomes potentially dangerous for many seniors without taking certain precautions or without help (as well as increasingly challenging).

For older adults who need help in the house, companion services or home health aides can offer some needed assistance such as light housekeeping, meal preparation, errands, bathing, and dressing. However, as helpful as these services are, they don’t provide the 360-degree supportive, active lifestyle that an assisted living community offers. Plus, staying in one’s home may necessitate making changes to the environment for safety and security—adjustments that are already part of an assisted living residence, alleviating any concerns.

It’s understandable that emotions or fear may drive the decision to stay in the home. However, given the freedom from worry and concern that assisted living provides, staying put may not be in the person’s best interests.

Assisted living opens doors to a refreshing new lifestyle with the support needed to maintain a healthy level of independence . . . and the freedom from the chores and responsibilities of keeping up a home.

At Weston Assisted Living Residence at Lester Senior Living, you’ll find an assisted living community that offers a social circle of peers, a range of programs and events to choose from, and just the right amount of daily support that help our residents get up and go—whether that’s help getting dressed in the morning, bathing at night, or making sure that medication is taken on time. And, your loved ones are assured of always being in a safe, secure environment that caters to their needs.

Imagine enjoying meals with new neighbors, exploring new hobbies or interests, or learning something in a class or on an outing; it’s all right here for the taking. Assisted living brings a new lease on life that also eases the family’s worries about their loved ones’ welfare and well-being on a daily basis, knowing that there is a wellness team on staff, aides to help with tasks of daily living, meals in a beautiful dining room with others, and plenty to do as desired—all under one roof. Residents and their family members will be confident in the knowledge that they are surrounded 360 degrees by safety, security, and comfort.

For a tour or more information, contact David Rozen, admissions and marketing manager: DavidR@richardc95.sg-host.com or (973) 929-2725.