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What You Need to Know About Holiday Respite Care for Seniors with Dementia

With the winter holidays coming and caregivers planning some time off, concern for senior loved ones is also on the horizon for many people. Who will watch out for mom and dad’s daily needs while I’m away? And, will their interests be attended to in ways that will keep them happy and safe? These concerns are even more magnified when your loved one suffers from a memory loss condition. 

For older adults with dementia, Lester Senior Living provides short-term respite stays in our Memory Care Suite. These stays allow seniors with memory disorders to enjoy the safety, security and warmth of a true home-away-from-home, with personalized attention from specially trained caregivers who support each resident’s needs. This is an extension of our assisted living respite program. All respite stays are available for anywhere from ten days to two months, ideal for when family members or regular caregivers are away for short periods of time or need a break.

Respite care for seniors with memory loss

Respite stays in our intimate Memory Care Suite let seniors with memory issues try out what’s available to our full-time residents. With respite, you’ll find that your loved one receives  compassionate care that puts their well-being first, with emphasis on wellness of the body, mind and soul. Our holistic approach includes many different ways to stimulate or soothe, to encourage socialization while also respecting a person’s need for quiet time. Whatever each resident needs at that moment, is what our caregivers are able to provide.

Short-term respite care in the Memory Care Suite includes:

  • A fully decorated apartment that feels cozy and comfortable
  • Delicious full-course meals in the dining room at each person’s leisure.
  • Time for socializing or relaxing in comfortable lounges or our quiet room.
  • Crafts, games and other cognitive-focused activities like listening to music
  • Central care manager station and elopement prevention system for resident safety.
  • If the weather permits, your loved one may enjoy sitting outside on our private deck, with plush seating, greenery and a scenic view of Morris County.

Celebrating the holidays in respite

On top of the usual amenities available, our respite team also ensures our short-term residents are able to enjoy the holiday season. We do this by offering special activities, events and meals that are signature to the holidays. Some examples include lighting the menorah, having a hanukkah dinner, torah study classes, crafting dreidels and a New Year’s brunch – just to name a few. All of our residents (short and long term) are invited to the special celebrations and are welcome to share their own traditions with us, as we want to ensure everyone feels like they are truly “home for the holidays.”

For more information about short-term respite care during the holidays at Lester Senior Living, please give us a call today or visit our website at: https://jchcorp.org