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The “Never Stop Playing” Challenge for Seniors

When we think of playing, our minds often drift to carefree childhood days filled with laughter and imagination. Where after meeting up with all the neighborhood kids at the “watering hole,” the biggest problem was deciding what game to play. Those were the days, right… but, who says they have to be over? What if we told you that playing is just as important for seniors as it is for children? At Lester Senior Living in Morris County we wholeheartedly embrace the idea that seniors should “Never Stop Playing.” In this article, we’ll explore the importance of play and how our community is committed to providing different activities to help our senior residents live their best lives.

Why Play Matters for Seniors

The concept of play isn’t limited to children. As we age, this concept should continue to play a vital role in our lives, especially when it comes to the state of our cognitive health. At a base level, here’s why seniors should incorporate play into their daily routines:

Mental Stimulation: Playing games, solving puzzles, and engaging in creative activities all stimulate the brain. These activities can help seniors maintain cognitive function, sharpen memory and improve problem-solving skills.

Emotional Well-Being: Play can reduce stress, anxiety, and depression. Social games and interactions in a senior living community like ours foster a sense of belonging and happiness among residents.

Physical Benefits: Many forms of play involve physical activity, which is essential for maintaining mobility, balance, and overall health. Playing through a form of exercise can reduce the risk of falls and injuries.

Better Quality of Life: Engaging in enjoyable activities and hobbies enhances the overall quality of life for older adults. It provides a sense of purpose and fulfillment to their day-to-day schedules.

Lester Senior Living: Where Play Never Stops

At JCHC’s Lester, we’ve created an environment that encourages our residents to embrace the “Never Stop Playing” challenge. Here’s how we make it possible:

Diverse Activities: Our community offers a wide range of activities to satisfy all different interests and abilities. From art classes to gardening, Mahjong and card games to dance and fitness programs, we have something for everyone. Whether senior residents want to take part in on-site activities once a week or everyday, the choice is completely up to them. Either way, we always have fun planned on a monthly basis

Engaging Events: Activity coordinators at Lester organize regular events that promote social interactions between residents. These events include movie nights, live music performances, and themed parties, all designed to keep the spirit of play alive.

Recreation Spaces: Our senior living community boasts well-equipped common areas where residents can come together for book club, arts and crafts, or even friendly card competitions.

Reliable Support: Our dedicated caregivers understand the importance of play in senior health. They actively encourage participation and assist residents in finding activities that not only align with their interests, but also their physical capabilities. No matter the activity, there will always be a caregiver on the scene to supervise and assist residents if needed. 

Bonding Experiences: We’re a family here at Lester Senior Living. Everyday, staff and residents alike make bonds that turn into lasting friendships. Over the years, we’ve found that sharing experiences and interests with peers makes the act of playing even more enjoyable for our senior residents.

Join the “Never Stop Playing” Movement at our NJ Senior Community

The “Never Stop Playing” challenge is not just an initiative at Lester Senior Living, it’s a way of life. We invite seniors to embrace play, discover new passions, and enjoy the many benefits that come along with it. Our senior living community is more than just a place to reside, it’s a place to learn, grow and thrive.  We’re proud to offer a vibrant and engaging environment where seniors can nurture all aspects of their minds, bodies and spirits.

For more information about Lester Senior Living in Morris County, New Jersey, and the wide array of activities we offer our senior residents, please give us a call or visit our website at: https://jchcorp.org/