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Classic Kreplach for Purim

We love our jewish traditions, especially if they involve comfort foods like kreplach! Besides being delicious, there is another major reason why we eat kreplach before holidays like Purim and Yom Kippur. The dumpling filling and its wrapper together represent a sort of meditation on our inner and outer selves as we approach...

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Purim Traditions at Lester Senior Living

One of the most fun and joyous holidays is approaching fast: Purim! Here at Lester Senior Living, we really cannot wait for the festivities to begin. We are starting some new activities this year that weave in the age-old traditions of Purim, like

Never Forget

Now more than ever, it is important to acknowledge and celebrate our religion and culture – especially in a world where antisemitism still exists. It is our absolute right and duty to recount the horrors that took place during the Holocaust in order to protect future generations. Knowledge is power, and it is crucial for everyone to understand that one should...

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The Best Dessert for Hanukkah? Doughnuts!

Food tells the story of our people, and doughnuts are no exception. These delicious, fried dough treats date back all the way to Jews in the New World. Sufganiyot – doughnuts filled with fruit jam filling and sprinkled with sugar – are the signature food of Hanukkah since 1920. Why? Because the Israeli Labor Federation declared them so, and we’re...

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