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Making the Transition to a Retirement Community

Moving from your long-time home to a retirement community brings about a lot of change which can be difficult for many people. Leaving the place where many memories were created can bring up strong emotions, moving away from old friends or the thought of going to a new place may trigger feelings of uncertainty.

However, moving into a retirement community also means starting a new chapter of life—one that brings new opportunities for discovery with peers.

Benefits of living in a retirement community
If you’re moving from a private home or condo, you’ll leave behind the cares of maintaining or upgrading a home. No more worries about the roof or siding, appliance repair, lawn maintenance, sidewalk repairs, snow removal, and so many other expensive or time-consuming tasks.

Do you like to visit family and friends for long weekends or plan nice vacations? Forget security systems or asking neighbors to check on the house. Just close the door and go, knowing your home is secure.

Best of all, senior living enables you to age in place, safely and with dignity. There’s always staff around, programming is designed to keep seniors active and engaged, and the residences are built with older adults’ needs at the forefront.

If you’re an older adult considering the move, here are some things to keep in mind.

Getting familiar with senior residences
Visit several senior living communities to get a feeling for the type of environment or lifestyle best suits your preferences or needs. Some considerations are:

  • Would you like senior housing with a range of services and programs?
  • Would you like to open your apartment door every day to an array of activities?
  • What about the amenities offered?
  • While touring the communities, take a ride around the area as well so you have a good idea of where town services, stores, and restaurants are located.
  • Ask if you can sample a meal in the dining room (where you’ll also have a chance to meet and chat with residents). If you have specific dietary needs, find out if those can be met.

Settling into your new home
When you move into your new home, place some favorite photos or special keepsakes in your apartment to help it feel more familiar (along with furniture pieces you’ve brought with you). If you’re feeling a bit adventurous, you might consider buying some new furniture to give your apartment a fresh look. Have fun with it!

Once you move in, make sure to try out some of the offerings so you get familiar with your new surroundings and get acquainted with your neighbors. Whether it’s a class, lecture, or movie night, participating in all that’s available will help you meet like-minded people with whom to share this life chapter. Staying open to new experiences will help you write a new story for yourself. Perhaps you will:

  • Learn a new hobby or creative pursuit like painting, knitting, or poetry
  • Engage in adult learning classes about new topics
  • Join a book club or discussion group.
  • Go on an outing to a place you’ve never visited before

Widen your social circle
Remember that you’ll be surrounded by new neighbors who will welcome you, and a support staff that’s eager to make you feel at home. Talk to your fellow residents about their experiences, the kinds of programs they enjoy, and give yourself time to acclimate to your surroundings and your new acquaintances—some of whom will soon become your friends. Many seniors find that when they establish those personal connections, they feel truly at home. That’s when the fun can really begin!

At the JCHC, our senior living communities offer older adults a variety of services, programs, and amenities—and many ways to write a new chapter that enriches their lives. Contact our team for information about independent living, assisted living, and memory care options in Essex County and Morris County, NJ.

The Benefits of In-Town Independent Living at Village Apartments

Imagine having a range of activities to indulge in right at home . . . yet be just blocks away from a quaint walking downtown with plenty to see and do, and town conveniences close by. It’s the type of retirement living many older adults are seeking today, in a rental community that offers programs, activities, and on-site amenities geared to an active lifestyle.

Residents at Village Apartments of the Jewish Federation enjoy the benefits of an independent lifestyle in a comfortable community with plenty happening right on site—and within walking distance of vibrant downtown South Orange Village.

The rental community is in the heart of South Orange but there’s always something happening right at home. There’s a full monthly schedule of creative arts and cultural programs, lectures, exercise classes, movies, outings and more. Every week, there are opportunities to try something new with neighbors.

Residents are enjoying the new multi-purpose community room with its computer lab, fitness center, movie screening area and fireside lounge area; they can also grab a good book from the community library (or head over to the South Orange Public Library); or attend a lecture, hear some good music, or create an art project. In nice weather, the colorfully landscaped courtyard is a popular place to congregate and relax. And, with optional kosher meals three afternoons a week, residents have opportunities to chat over delicious food as well.

Village Apartments is a short walk or drive to the South Orange Performing Arts Center and public transportation to New York. Residents can meet friends at a bistro, browse the boutiques and run their daily errands with ease. Plus, the South Orange Jitney is available to take residents to the downtown area and Village Apartments offers transportation to local shopping and other destinations.

Area seniors are welcome to join residents for the popular current events discussion group and knitting club that meet at 2:00 and 4:00 on Wednesday afternoons, and cultural and educational programs held on Tuesdays. Check our online calendar for a list of programs and see what’s happening at Village Apartments. You can also see floor plans and read about our new luxury apartments with many contemporary features. For more information contact Site Manager Cheryl Kasye at (973) 763-0999.