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Simple and Healthy Red Pepper, Pomegranate and Walnut Dip

Spring is a time to refresh. Not just your home, but where you reside everyday – your body. Taking the first step to improve your health starts with what you fill your body with each day. The food you choose directly impacts your health so it’s important to choose smart alternatives. If you or a loved one is a big snacker, check out our simple and healthy...

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Who is the JCHC?

As people, we have an innate desire to connect and feel secure. Whether we are sharing joy or sadness, knowing that someone else has truly heard us and can honestly say they have felt the same way, is a healing, comforting exchange. In other words, to be a part of other’s lives as they become a part of ours. As we grow older, this desire to socialize and connect becomes even more important –...

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