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The “Never Stop Playing” Challenge for Seniors

When we think of playing, our minds often drift to carefree childhood days filled with laughter and imagination. Where after meeting up with all the neighborhood kids at the “watering hole,” the biggest problem was deciding what game to play. Those were the days, right… but, who says they have to be over? What if we told you that playing is just as important...

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What Does Supported Independent Living Mean for Seniors?

It comes as no surprise that seniors would like to remain independent for as long as possible. However, this is only feasible when they have the right supports in place. At Lester Senior Living, our independent seniors have the opportunity each day to explore our community as they please. They wake when refreshed and eat when they are hungry, and the only schedule...

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What to do when being a caregiver becomes too much

When your parents first start showing signs that they need support managing their day-to-day lives, family members sometimes choose to help out – becoming knowledgeable and competent caregivers. However, there often comes a point at which you can no longer keep up with the duties of a full-time caregiver, especially when managing your own family, career and other...

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