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Senior Exercises that Get the Heart Pumping!

February is American Heart Month, and what better time to focus on the well-being of our seniors? One of the most exciting things they can do to improve their cardiovascular health is exercise. In this article, our activities coordinators at Lester Senior Living will discuss different senior-friendly exercises to get the heart...

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High Five! 5 Habits for an Uplifting Morning

How we start our day can set the tone for the hours ahead, influencing our mood, energy levels, and overall well-being. For seniors, establishing a positive morning routine becomes even more essential to set the seal on a healthy and fulfilling day. Here are five morning rituals that seniors can adopt to start their days off on the right foot. We practice these habits...

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Spicy Israeli Salad For Your Next Family Get Together

We are well into summer here at Lester Senior Living! Which means we are always looking forward to going outside for more live entertainment, daily walks and of course – food. Especially getting together with family members onsite for a little BBQ. If you’d like to add a little bit of spice

What Does Supported Independent Living Mean for Seniors?

It comes as no surprise that seniors would like to remain independent for as long as possible. However, this is only feasible when they have the right supports in place. At Lester Senior Living, our independent seniors have the opportunity each day to explore our community as they please. They wake when refreshed and eat when they are hungry, and the only schedule...

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Easy Exercises Seniors Can Do Outdoors

Summer is in the air! With everyone spending significantly more time outdoors, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t incorporate a daily workout outside while the weather is warm. Not to mention, seniors who stay active preserve their mobility for longer, have less dementia-related sleep problems and are just happier overall! If you’re looking for...

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