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3 Ways for Seniors to Find Meaning in Life

The phenomenon of seniors losing interest in life is called anhedonia and it is not a condition to take lightly, as it can easily lead to depression or other mental health disorders. This issue is vitally important to shed light on as Holocaust Remembrance Day approaches. One key legacy of the Holocaust survivors was their ability to take a step each day towards their...

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The Benefits of Meditation for Seniors

Mindfulness, coupled with meditation, is all about being in the moment. Through practicing meditation, seniors can maintain full awareness and acceptance of their own thoughts, feelings, bodily sensations, and surroundings. When we are truly mindful, we notice and accept our thoughts on what’s happening around us without immediately reacting to them. One of the...

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Why Luxury Senior Living at the Village Apartments?

It’s great to live independently as a senior, but it’s even greater when you choose a community where you can enjoy the finer things in life. Where you live should reflect who you are as a person. If you’re accustomed to a certain lifestyle, you shouldn’t have to give it up just because you’re downsizing to an

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