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Mistakes To Avoid When Caring for Your Aging Parent

Many adults find themselves caring for not only their own children, but their aging parents as well. Seemingly overnight, the caretaker role has shifted from parent to child. This quick transition can be difficult for everyone involved, but it’s important to remember that having our parents with us is a privilege. That being said, we should all strive to do the...

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Spicy Israeli Salad For Your Next Family Get Together

We are well into summer here at Lester Senior Living! Which means we are always looking forward to going outside for more live entertainment, daily walks and of course – food. Especially getting together with family members onsite for a little BBQ. If you’d like to add a little bit of spice

How to Have the “Assisted Living Talk”

Is your loved one’s health starting to decline? As children, we all hold in common the belief that our parents will live forever. As we all grow older, we come closer to the inescapable truth that our senior parents may be better off in the care of someone else. It’s also normal for the children to come to this realization before their elderly parents...

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Ways to Support Your Aging Parents

As our parents grow older, it becomes our responsibility to ensure they receive the care and companionship they truly deserve. The challenges associated with aging can be overwhelming, but there are numerous ways we can enhance the quality of life for our loved ones. One solution is embracing life at a senior community where older adults can feel supported at all...

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Easy Exercises Seniors Can Do Outdoors

Summer is in the air! With everyone spending significantly more time outdoors, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t incorporate a daily workout outside while the weather is warm. Not to mention, seniors who stay active preserve their mobility for longer, have less dementia-related sleep problems and are just happier overall! If you’re looking for...

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