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Why Summer is the Best Time of Year to Move to Assisted Living?

Let’s start by saying there is no wrong time to move into assisted living. However, choosing a certain time of the year can make the transition easier for everyone involved. For one, moving during the winter months can be tough due to all the holiday festivities going on. Not to mention, snow can make packing up boxes and traveling back and forth in the moving van a lot more difficult. If you...

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How to Make a Senior Friendly Space

As our loved ones age, their homes can become less easy to live in. Especially if your loved one is limited by mobility or health issues. While this doesn’t mean a move is in the cards quite yet, there’s a lot that family and caregivers can do now to help make their living space more Senior friendly. Here are some tips from our assisted...

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Memory Games for Healthy Brains

Memories play an important role in forming who we are but, as we age, certain dementia conditions can start to erode these vital building blocks of our relationships, knowledge and personality. Conditions like Alzheimer’s, vascular dementia and Lewy body dementia currently have no cure, but there are ways to fight against memory loss, help exercise the brain and keep neurological pathways firing...

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