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Spicy Israeli Salad For Your Next Family Get Together

We are well into summer here at Lester Senior Living! Which means we are always looking forward to going outside for more live entertainment, daily walks and of course – food. Especially getting together with family members onsite for a little BBQ. If you’d like to add a little bit of spice to your next family BBQ, we recommend trying this twist on the classic Israeli salad. Compliments to our culinary trained chefs from our senior living community in Morris County for this simple, no-cook salad that has a nice kick! 

Serves 4-5

Ingredients for Salad:

  • 3-4 Medium Israeli cucumbers (if you don’t have Israeli cucumbers, any type of cucumber will work just fine) 
  • 4 Roma tomatoes
  • 1 Cup fresh cilantro 
  • ½ Medium red onion
  • 1-2 Jalapenos (depending on your spice level)
  • ½ Cup extra virgin olive oil
  • 1 Lemon 
  • Kosher salt and freshly ground pepper to taste

How to Make Spicy Israeli Salad:

  1. First, prep your veggies! Clean the surfaces of the cucumbers, tomatoes, jalapenos and your single lemon with a little dish soap and warm water. 
  2. Once clean and dry, chop up the cucumbers, tomatoes, onions and jalapenos into more bite-sized chunks. Note: if your spice tolerance is low, we recommend removing the seeds from the jalapenos before mixing them with all of the other ingredients. 
  3. Next, we recommend mincing the cilantro so it is more evenly dispersed throughout the salad. 
  4. Squeeze your whole lemon into a bowl and set aside 
  5. Grab a large salad bowl and combine the cucumbers, tomatoes, jalapenos and onion together. 
  6. After the veggies are added to the bowl, add your lemon juice, extra virgin olive oil and salt and pepper. 
  7. Mix everything together well and give it a taste. Adjust spices accordingly based on what your heart desires more of. 
  8. Serve and enjoy! 

Trying New Foods at Lester Senior Living in NJ

The chefs at Lester are open to working with new foods that also accommodate the dietary restrictions or kosher needs of our senior living residents. Whether it’s a simple and fresh salad or something more complex like blintzes or brisket, there’s nothing they love more than perfecting new dishes to serve our residents in assisted living and independent living. We stand corrected, there may be one thing they love more – and that’s seeing everyone’s happy faces in the community dining room! 

For more information about our food and dining options for seniors in Whippany NJ, please come see us for lunch or visit our website at: https://jchcorp.org