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Signs You’re Ready for Senior Community Living

Many seniors may argue that moving into a senior living community relinquishes independence, but we’re here to tell you why the opposite is true. Living in a senior community marks the beginning of independence by letting go of household chores and other mundane daily tasks and making more room for the things you actually enjoy! If you’re debating whether or not community living is a good choice for you, here are some signs that you’re ready for this new chapter in your life. 

Sign #1. You’re ready to throw in the dish towel. 

We’re sure at this point in your life, you are no longer cooking for an army of children. It may be just you, or you and your spouse you have to worry about. After years and years of preparing meals, we think you’ve paid your dues! When someone else cooks for you it eliminates the pent-up stress of going to the store, finding the right ingredients, and following an intricate recipe. Not to mention, you’re also eliminating the nightly debate of who is going to wash the dishes. At a senior living community like JCHC’s Lester, staff can cook each meal for you and clean up afterwards on a daily basis. We also offer community dining in an elegant and spacious dining room where other residents and your family and friends can easily accompany you for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Our culinary-trained chefs love to mix it up in the kitchen and are fully prepared to modify any meals to adhere to any dietary restrictions or kosher needs. 

Sign #2. Owning a home has become too stressful. 

With your children now living in their own homes with their respective families, you’ve probably come to realize that your home is way too big now. Your kids also aren’t around as often to take on household chores, which means you have a lot less help to maintain your big house. 

Owning a home requires a lot of recurring maintenance which becomes even tougher if it’s all on you to take care of. Things like dusting counters and shelves, doing dishes, cleaning the bathrooms all need to be done on a close to daily basis. On top of that, there are always unexpected issues that pop up from time to time like shoveling snow off the driveway, unclogging a toilet, and repairing a faulty appliance. Home ownership stress is just another big sign to consider senior community living. You probably can’t wait to leave household chores and monthly bills behind. All senior living apartments at Lester are maintained daily, and if something unexpected pops up – one of our staff members will handle it immediately. 

Sign #3. You need more excitement in your life! 

A lot of older adults are under the impression that living in a senior community means letting go of your independence. However, it is just the opposite! Letting go of home ownership issues will actually give you more independence and time to do what you want. Not to mention, senior community living offers so much in terms of socialization and activities. If you’re looking for more excitement in your life, consider taking up a new hobby you’ve always dreamed of doing. Have you ever wanted to take Zumba classes? Or learn mahjong with a group? Or even learn about a new culture? With daily tasks taken care of by our reliable staff members, you can now do all of the fun activities above! Better yet, you can take part in all these activities with other residents, who you can one day call your friends. 

Independent Living and Assisted Living for Seniors in NJ

At JCHC’s Lester Senior Living, we offer a wide range of tailored support services for older adults in an environment that prioritizes quality care, independence and socialization. Designed to enhance resident connection, our lively activities program is updated monthly with a variety of classes to suit each resident’s individual interests. Some of our most popular on-site activities include Sit & Be Fit, Movie Matinees, Bingo, Trivia Nights, and JCHC University Classes. 

For more information about assisted living and independent living options for seniors in NJ, call us today or visit our website at: https://jchcorp.org