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Senior Exercises that Get the Heart Pumping!

February is American Heart Month, and what better time to focus on the well-being of our seniors? One of the most exciting things they can do to improve their cardiovascular health is exercise. In this article, our activities coordinators at Lester Senior Living will discuss different senior-friendly exercises to get the heart pumping! We’ll also shed light on how an active senior living community can help keep seniors on track with their exercise regimens and ensure their safety during every workout. 

Please note that before starting any exercise program, you should consult with a doctor to understand any heart-related limitations or risks you may have and adjust your exercise routine accordingly.

Why Focus on Heart Health?

Heart health is crucial, especially for seniors. As we age, the risk of cardiovascular issues increases. Regular exercise plays a pivotal role in maintaining a healthy heart, enhancing circulation, and boosting both physical and mental well-being. By incorporating heart-pumping exercises into their routine, seniors can significantly reduce the risk of heart disease, stroke, and other much too common cardiovascular conditions.

Exciting, Heart-Healthy Exercises for Seniors

Brisk Walking. An excellent low-impact exercise, brisk walking gets the heart rate up without putting excessive strain on joints. Older adults at Lester Senior Living can enjoy a stroll in our beautifully landscaped grounds with fellow residents whenever they want to. Having someone to walk with each day not only keeps seniors motivated on their fitness goals, but also fills their social meter. 

Dance Classes. Who says exercise can’t be entertaining? Dance classes designed for seniors are not only enjoyable, but also great for cardiovascular health. They can groove to the music, improve balance, and boost their heart rate simultaneously. At Lester Senior Living, we offer all different types of exercise classes from chair dancing to yoga – all with great music to move to! 

Stationary Cycling. For those who prefer a seated workout, stationary cycling is an excellent choice. Our fitness center is equipped with stationary bikes and monitored by on-site caregivers, allowing seniors to pedal their way to a healthier heart in a safe environment.

The Role of Active Senior Living Communities in Successful Exercise Routines

Active senior living communities like Lester Senior Living play a crucial role in supporting the health and well-being of residents. Here’s how:

Daily Exercise Programs. There is never a shortage of exercise activities available at Lester. For those with mobility issues, there are exercise programs available each day that cater to the unique needs and abilities of all seniors. 

Social Engagement. Regular exercise is more enjoyable when shared with friends. As we’ve already discussed, our daily programs are available to all residents and we encourage everyone to find their fitness buddy in order to stay motivated! 

Professional Supervision. Safety is paramount in our community. That’s why each class is monitored by trained staff who can assist seniors during their workouts if needed to minimize the risk of injuries.

Access to Variety. From walking paths through nature, to fitness centers and activity rooms, or outdoor chair dancing in the courtyard, Lester Senior Living offers a range of facilities that cater to different exercise preferences. Seniors can choose activities that align with their interests and comfort levels.

This month especially, let’s prioritize the cardiovascular health of our seniors. Through engaging exercises, coupled with the support of active senior living communities, older adults can lead a heart-healthy and fulfilling life. At Lester Senior Living, we are committed to empowering our residents to embrace an active lifestyle, ensuring that their hearts continue to beat with vitality and joy. To learn more about the activities we offer seniors in Morris County, please give us a call or visit our website at: https://jchcorp.org/