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Memory Stimulating Activities for Seniors

Like exercising our bodies, exercising our minds is just as important as we age. Seniors who engage in memory-stimulating activities regularly have a greater chance of strengthening their cognitive abilities and keeping memory disorders at bay. What’s great is It’s not hard to incorporate these activities into anyone’s daily schedule. And the best part is: they’re fun to do! With that being said, our memory care advisors in Morris County, NJ have put together a list of some memory stimulating activities to keep senior minds sharp.

Trivia: With a variety of topics to choose from, trivia never loses its novelty. Playing different topics like music, history, movies and current events can do two important things for seniors. For one, it can help them tap into different parts of the brain to recall the answers. And the second, it can strengthen short-term memory by giving them something new to learn (we’ll expand more on this later). Not to mention, trivia is also a great way to gather with friends and socialize – which we do a lot of at JCHC’s Lester Senior Living. At Lester, we hold group trivia sessions every week that all of our residents are welcome to participate in.

Sudoku: If you haven’t heard of Sudoku and are good with numbers, you’re really missing out!  This game works by filling in a 9 by 9 grid using the numbers 1 to 9, never using them more than once vertically, horizontally or within the 3 by 3 subgrids. Sudoku is a great way to practice patience and strengthen pattern recognition. If you or a loved one is looking to play, you can find Sudoku puzzles in your local newspaper, online, or you could purchase a Sudoku book filled with puzzles ranging from easy to difficult.

Crossword puzzles: There’s nothing like a good ol’ crossword puzzle with your morning coffee. These puzzles help a ton with memory recollection and your problem solving skills. Just like trivia, there are many different themes to choose from like sports, science, entertainment and art – to name a few. Alongside Sudoku, crossword puzzles can also be found in your local newspaper or you can download the Crossword app to your smartphone or tablet for free.

Arts and crafts: One of the best memory-stimulating activities that seniors can take part in are arts and crafts. Keeping their hands busy helps to maintain dexterity, and being able to explore their creativity supports the imaginative parts of the brain. This activity is a win-win because seniors could also use it as an opportunity to make unique, handmade gifts for their friends and family.

Learn a New Skill: As we’ve mentioned earlier, learning a new skill is key to keeping your memory sharp. At Lester Senior Living, we encourage memory care residents to attend guest lectures, enroll in different classes and clubs, and read new books in our community library. All of these activities support the brain in creating new neurological connections.

Memory support in our senior community in Morris County

Lester Senior Living has a designated unit to care and treat those with Alzheimer’s and dementia diagnoses. Our professional staff on-site are available at all hours of the day to assist memory care residents and provide many opportunities to engage in memory-stimulating activities. Our specialized facility also offers dementia-friendly apartments with 24-hour supervision in a beautiful, suburban setting in local Morris County.

To find out more about memory care in Morris County, please visit our website at: https://jchcorp.org