A Red, White & Blue
Summer at JCHC

Senior Summer Skincare Tips

July is looking like another exciting (and hot!) month for us here at the Jewish Community Housing Corporation, and for its residents.

Of course, kicking off the month on July 4th is Independence Day! We’ll be celebrating at Lester Senior Living with our annual “Red, White & Blue Celebration” outside – which will be sure to feature some live entertainment! If you’re in need of a new dish to serve your July 4th guests, be sure to check out our Spicy Israeli Salad and Summer Latkes recipes – you won’t regret it! 

During the summer months, we’re sure to see some new faces around Lester Senior Living as our respite care services are ideal for senior caregivers who could really use a summer vacation! If you or someone you know is looking to plan a last-minute getaway, check out our blog within this newsletter to get the 411 on Respite Care and learn more about how we care for seniors while their caregivers go on a much-needed and deserved break. 

Last, but certainly never least, we shift our focus to the Three Weeks leading up to Tisha B’Av.  Observing and relearning the details of these tragic events is crucial to ensuring history doesn’t repeat itself.  We do this through the process of “teshuva,” which means self-reflection with a commitment to become better. With “teshuva,” everyone has the power to turn tragedy into joy. The Talmud actually states that after the rebuilding of the Holy Temple, these days will be altered as weeks of happiness and celebration. 

Read on to see how you and your family can continue to support the JCHC, not only in the month of July, but all year round!  

Building On Our Success
at the JCHC

Thanks to the generous support from donors like you, the Jewish Community Housing Corporation of Metropolitan New Jersey (JCHC) has been meeting the dynamic needs of seniors in our community for over 40 years.

Watch our Gala 2024 Recap to Relive this Wonderful Night!

Thank you again to our supporters and to this year’s Honoree, Founding President of the Jewish Community Housing Corporation (JCHC), Mr. Arthur Schechner, as over 140 guests celebrated both Arthur, and the mission of the JCHC, with an evening out at The Crystal Plaza on May 15th.  Broadway, Cabaret and Recording Star, Karen Mason, kicked off the event in style, weaving musical selections from various Broadway shows throughout the Live Program, hosted by CBS2 News Anchor, Chris Wragge, back for his second year at the helm.  Arthur’s heartfelt remarks had the room captivated and inspired to continue spreading the mission of the Jewish Community Housing Corporation.

Donations are still welcome and we appreciate any additional support from those who were unable to attend or participate! Visit www.jchcorp.org/galadonate for more information. The JCHC grows and succeeds thanks to you all and we look forward to welcoming everyone again!

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Meet a JCHC Resident: Jane Sandler!

Jane started out in Lester Senior Living’s independent living apartments about five years ago, and then moved to assisted living this past year. She’s an avid Scrabble player and is now dipping into the world of Canasta. Jane has made quite a few friends here, and enjoys meeting them all for dinner each night in our newly renovated community dining room. Quite frankly, it’s no surprise as to us why Jane has made so many new friends here. She is a lively, positive and smart lady to have around! 

Click Jane’s picture to watch her full interview!

To support the lives of New Jersey seniors like Jane, please visit us here to make a donation.

Words of Wisdom from Our JCHC Seniors

They say with age comes wisdom, but what good is wisdom if it isn’t shared? Younger generations could learn a thing or two from the seniors who are the gatekeepers to this treasure trove of knowledge. Luckily, we’ve asked our gatekeepers (the senior residents at our JCHC communities) to “spread the wealth.” In the segment below, we ask the residents of our senior living communities in NJ to share their best advice, offering nuggets of truth that are short and sweet, yet profoundly impactful to just about anyone. 

There's Still Time! Donate to Make A Difference!

The JCHC and its incredibly special caregivers, will never stop working for our residents and their families. We won’t stop advocating for them, or showing up with our support, and we continue to count on our community to make it all possible.  

Important Information About Matching Your JCHC Gift:

  • The Jewish Community Housing Corporation is not classified as a religious organization by the IRS.
  • JCHC  is a 501(c)3 organization.
  • Our EIN (Employer Identification Number) is 22-2540505. This number is required on certain companies’ matching gift forms.
  • Your company will match your gift only once the JCHC has received your donation. Matching gift programs do not match pledges.
  • Some companies participate in broader workplace giving programs, which may include giving to JCHC through payroll deduction. Please contact your employer or our Matching Gifts department for more information. 
Respite Care for Your Last-Minute Summer Getaway!

Respite Care for Your Last-Minute Summer Getaway!

Summer vacations are a cherished time for families to unwind, expand their horizons, and create lasting memories. However, for caregivers with senior parents, the thought of leaving their loved ones without proper care can cause anxiety and uncertainty. Fortunately, respite care offers a reassuring solution. At Lester Senior Living in New Jersey, respite care services ensure that older adults receive the care and attention they need – while their caregivers take a well-deserved break. Let’s take a closer look at how respite care works at JCHC’s Lester Senior Living and why it’s the perfect choice for caregivers seeking a summer getaway.

Read More On Our Blog Here

Caring for Those Who Took Care of Us.

Spicy Israeli Salad

Spicy Israeli Salad For Your Next Family Get Together

We are well into summer here at Lester Senior Living! Which means we are always looking forward to going outside for more live entertainment, daily walks and of course – food. Especially getting together with family members onsite for a little BBQ. If you’d like to add a little bit of spice to your next family BBQ, we recommend trying this twist on the classic Israeli salad. Compliments to our culinary trained chefs from our senior living community in Morris County for this simple, no-cook salad that has a nice kick!       


Community in Morris County NJ

Why Summer is the Best Time of Year to Move to Assisted Living

Let’s start by saying there is no wrong time to move into assisted living! However, choosing a certain time of the year can make the transition easier for everyone involved. For one, moving during the winter months can be tough due to all the holiday festivities going on. Not to mention, snow can make packing up boxes and traveling back and forth in the moving van a lot more difficult. If you and your senior loved ones are able to choose when to make the move, we have a few reasons why summer is the best time.


Summer Latkes

Summer Latkes, Happened So Fast

Latkes are just like fresh baked chocolate chip cookies, there is no wrong time to have one. They are not reserved only for Hanukkah; they can be enjoyed all year long – even in the height of summer. At least that’s the philosophy we’re sticking to at Lester Senior Living. If you’re in the mood for some summer latkes, our chefs in assisted living have an easy recipe for you to try. Don’t forget to share with someone you love “a latke.”


Arts and Crafts Recreation Room
Heller Lobby Signage
Heller Cafe
Heller Lobby

Lester Senior Living Updates

We are pleased to report that the first phase of the Lester renovation project, with the focus being on the first and second floors of the Heller Independent Living Apartments and the Weston Assisted Living Residence, has successfully been completed.  Some of the highlights of the completed work include:

  • An upgraded and expanded Medical Suite, enhancing the waiting room and adding more examination rooms, meeting the growing needs among residents for such services and providing better patient privacy and confidentiality for meetings between residents, family members and medical professionals;  Special thanks to the Healthcare Foundation of New Jersey for their major financial support with this initiative.
  • A reconfigured  Heller community dining room, moving away from the more institutional dining setting to one that is now facilitating resident choice; when and with whom they can eat, as well as proper storage for walkers and wheelchairs while residents are dining;
  • New seating, tables and other furniture that address the mobility limitations faced by a growing number of our senior residents;
  •  Additional fitness opportunities such as a second area in Heller area with work-out equipment and a clear path  on the second floor around the atrium for walking;
  • A new, state-of-the-art cinema experience and improvements to audio and visual systems in other locations throughout the building, making the shared experience accessible to all, including those with hearing and sight issues; and,
  • Other aesthetic, lighting and improvements in community rooms and common areas enhancing socialization, while making the building more visually appealing.

We are currently in the second phase of the Lester renovation project, which is focusing on improvements to the grounds around the building; reinventing our backyard to incorporate outdoor events with dining, raised gardening beds and a new layout and furniture for more and better outdoor activities and social gatherings. Outdoor work has been planned for the front of the building as well.

Even after the outdoor upgrades have been completed, there will still be much more work to be done at Lester Senior Housing.  We plan to upgrade both the independent living apartments and the assisted living units, introducing new safety and other accessibility features in our apartments, such as walk-in showers, new kitchen appliances and additional lower shelving.

A look inside Lester's Renovations

We are asking the Greater MetroWest Jewish Community to consider adding your support to these important initiatives. With our work together, resident families have greater peace of mind knowing that their loved ones are safe, happy, and living with high quality of life.

For questions or information, please contact Amy Epstein, JCHC Director of Development:  
AmyE@jchcorp.org – 973-530-3966

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