Let's Talk Annual Gala!

If you’re unfamiliar with our Annual Gala, let us share some of the magic. Chris Wragge, CBS2 News Anchor and all-around fantastic guy, will emcee the Gala, providing an exciting narrative throughout the evening, as we honor Arthur Schechner, founding president of the JCHC.  Arthur’s long and active involvement with the JCHC, and his award- winning service to the community-at-large, is an ongoing legacy worth celebrating! 

Before Arthur takes the stage, we will kick off the festivities with an elaborate cocktail dinner reception, followed by an entertaining live program, as we welcome Broadway performer, Karen Mason to the stage!   Please help us celebrate and support the JCHC mission, to take care of those who took care of us.

The evening is lighthearted, fun and entertaining, and the food at Crystal Plaza gets rave reviews! We’re excited, so dress to impress and try not to sing along! 

Building On Our Success
at the JCHC

Thanks to the generous support from donors like you, the Jewish Community Housing Corporation of Metropolitan New Jersey (JCHC) has been meeting the dynamic needs of seniors in our community for over 40 years.

Celebrating & Supporting JCHC's Good Work

Milestones and Memories

Recently, nine Lester Senior Living resident “Centenarians” celebrated their 100+ birthdays, with the oldest marking a milestone of 105 years young!  JCHC CEO, Harold Colton-Max, was joined in the festivities by current Hanover Township Mayor Thomas “Ace” Gallagher, and former Hanover Mayors Ronald Francioli and John L. Ferramosca. Resident Frances Goroll delivered remarks, telling the audience how happy she has been, growing older at Lester Senior Living with her friends. Frances has been a resident at Lester Senior Living since 2007. All had a wonderful celebration, and we look forward to marking many more occasions like this one, throughout the JCHC community!

A Purim Celebration!

One of the most fun and joyous holidays at the JCHC is Purim!  As you can see at Lester Senior Living, we really look forward to these festivities all year. Our favorite way to celebrate is to get dressed up, dance, and enjoy each other’s company. This year we wove in the age-old traditions of Purim, like baking delicious hamantaschen cookies, and they were DELICIOUS! 


Donate to Make A Difference!

The JCHC and its incredibly special caregivers, will never stop working for our residents and their families. We won’t stop advocating for them, or showing up with our support, and we continue to count on our community to make it all possible.  

Important Information About Matching Your JCHC Gift:

  • The Jewish Community Housing Corporation is not classified as a religious organization by the IRS.
  • JCHC  is a 501(c)3 organization.
  • Our EIN (Employer Identification Number) is 22-2540505. This number is required on certain companies’ matching gift forms.
  • Your company will match your gift only once the JCHC has received your donation. Matching gift programs do not match pledges.
  • Some companies participate in broader workplace giving programs, which may include giving to JCHC through payroll deduction. Please contact your employer or our Matching Gifts department for more information. 
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April Showers Bring May Flowers!

Did you know gardening has multiple benefits for seniors? That’s why we have an active garden club here at Lester Senior Living!

Here Are The Top 5 Benefits of Gardening for Seniors:

Improve your Immune System: Research has shown that Mycobacterium vaccae, a bacteria commonly found in garden soil, can boost your immune system. This beneficial bacteria has been linked to alleviating symptoms of allergies, asthma, psoriasis, and even depression.

Lower Stress and Anxiety Symptoms: A study published in the Journal of Health Psychology suggests that gardening can reduce cortisol levels in the brain, which is known as the “stress hormone,” By getting your hands dirty in the garden, you can effectively manage cortisol levels and combat stress.

Can Reduce Risk of Dementia: Research indicates that gardening could lower the risk of dementia by up to 36%. Regular gardening sessions, even for short periods, can help seniors maintain motor skills, enhance endurance, and build strength.

Get Your Exercise In: Although gardening may not appear as intense as other workouts, it is a substantial physical activity. Light exercise, like gardening, has been shown to slow down the aging process. 

Happy, Happy Happy: Exposure to fresh air and sunlight can significantly impact your mood and overall health. Sunlight not only stimulates vitamin D production in the body but also increases serotonin levels in the brain. plays a crucial role in regulating mood and promoting feelings of calmness and contentmentS

Caring for Those Who Took Care of Us.

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Beyond Bingo: Unconventional Activities at Lester Senior Living

While we love a good game of bingo here at Lester Senior Living, it is far from being the only extracurricular activity available to residents at our facility. Variety is the spice of life and our variety of activities is a major part of what keeps our residents happy – all year round. In this article, our team of senior activity coordinators will discuss the varying and perhaps, unconventional activities offered to our seniors in Morris County


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Awesome Senior Exercises that Get the Heart Pumping!

One of the most exciting things seniors can do to improve their cardiovascular health is exercise. In this article, our activities coordinators at Lester Senior Living will discuss different senior-friendly exercises to get the heart pumping! We’ll also shed light on how an active senior living community can help keep seniors on track with their exercise regimens and ensure their safety during every workout. 

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Simple and Healthy Red Pepper, Pomegranate and Walnut Dip

Spring is a time to refresh. Not just your home, but where you reside everyday – your body. Taking the first step to improve your health starts with what you fill your body with each day. The food you choose directly impacts your health so it’s important to choose smart alternatives. If you or a loved one is a big snacker, check out our simple and healthy red pepper, pomegranate and walnut dip recipe. This dip can be stored in an ait-tight container in the refrigerator for up to 3 days – perfect if you have enough self-control to avoid eating it all in one sitting! 

Heller Dining Room

Lester Senior Living Updates

We are pleased to report that the first phase of the Lester renovation project, with the focus being on the first and second floors of the Heller Independent Living Apartments and the Weston Assisted Living Residence, has successfully been completed.  Some of the highlights of the completed work include:

  • An upgraded and expanded Medical Suite, enhancing the waiting room and adding more examination rooms, meeting the growing needs among residents for such services and providing better patient privacy and confidentiality for meetings between residents, family members and medical professionals;  Special thanks to the Healthcare Foundation of New Jersey for their major financial support with this initiative.

  • A reconfigured  Heller community dining room, moving away from the more institutional dining setting to one that is now facilitating resident choice; when and with whom they can eat, as well as proper storage for walkers and wheelchairs while residents are dining;

  • New seating, tables and other furniture that address the mobility limitations faced by a growing number of our senior residents;
  •  Additional fitness opportunities such as a second area in Heller area with work-out equipment and a clear path  on the second floor around the atrium for walking;

  • A new, state-of-the-art cinema experience and improvements to audio and visual systems in other locations throughout the building, making the shared experience accessible to all, including those with hearing and sight issues; and,

  • Other aesthetic, lighting and improvements in community rooms and common areas enhancing socialization, while making the building more visually appealing.

We are now moving on to the second phase of the Lester renovation project, which will focus on improvements to the grounds around the building; reinventing our backyard to incorporate outdoor events with dining, raised gardening beds and a new layout and furniture for more and better outdoor activities and social gatherings. 

Even after the back courtyard upgrades have been completed (hopefully by the end of this coming summer), there will still be much more work to be done at Lester Senior Housing.  There is additional outdoor work that we have planned for the front of the building.  After that, we plan to upgrade both the independent living apartments and the assisted living units, introducing new safety and other accessibility features in our apartments, such as walk-in showers, new kitchen appliances and additional lower shelving.

A look inside Lester's Renovations

We are asking the Greater MetroWest Jewish Community to consider adding your support to these important initiatives. With our work together, resident families have greater peace of mind knowing that their loved ones are safe, happy, and living with high quality of life.

For questions or information, please contact Amy Epstein, JCHC Director of Development:  
AmyE@jchcorp.org – 973-530-3966

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