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How to Make a Senior Friendly Space

As our loved ones age, their homes can become less easy to live in. Especially if your loved one is limited by mobility or health issues. While this doesn’t mean a move is in the cards quite yet, there’s a lot that family and caregivers can do now to help make their living space more Senior friendly. Here are some tips from our assisted living staff in Morris County, NJ.

  1. Declutter throughout the house: Stacks of old newspapers or magazines, too much and oversized-furniture and other clutter pose immediate hazards for the elderly. Keeping rooms, staircases and hallways tidy and as open as possible will give your loved one space to move freely, even with a walker and prevent collisions, as well as injuries from falling items.
  2. Install good lighting – and lots of it: While failing eyesight could be a part of getting older, making your loved one’s home brighter is important for preventing falls – especially in hallways and on staircases. Nightlights installed throughout the house can light up each room enough so if your loved one needs to get up in the middle of the night they can easily make their way to the switches to turn on any lights.
  3. Remove or repair all tripping hazards: Loose rugs, slippery floors, electrical cables on the floor and damaged floorboards can easily result in a fall. You can either repair the item or remove it from the home and replace it with something secure and safe to walk on.
  4. Handrails in the bathroom and on stairs: Getting up quickly, walking down stairs or moving while wet can result in falls even when you are there to assist your loved one. Installing handrails or grab bars strategically in bathrooms and on stairs helps your loved one keep their balance. Grab bars can be added anywhere around the house that your loved one might find helpful, perhaps by their favorite place to sit.
  5. Install non-slip mats in bathrooms: In addition to grab bars, placing non-slip mats in bathtubs and showers gives your loved one extra grip when bathing. As for the rest of the house make sure your loved one has a good pair of slippers with a non slip sole, this will help in any area of the house with tile floors.
  6. Get clothing fitted correctly: You may think that your loved one’s home is all that needs fall-proofing, but pants and skirts that are too long also pose a serious tripping hazard. Regularly check the soles of your loved one’s shoes for wear that can reduce their grip. If your loved one likes wearing socks indoors, buy non-slip socks with grips on the bottom.

Safe and secure assisted living at our Morris County senior facility

Lester Senior Living is a beautiful, comfortable and most of all – safe assisted living community serving Morris County, NJ. Our dedicated and compassionate staff help our residents through their daily living activities, while our safety measures on-site like 24-hour alert pendants, grab bars and security personnel ensure each resident is secure at all times.

To find out more about our community safety guidelines or assisted living services, please contact us today or visit our website at: https://jchcorp.org