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How to Discuss Assisted Living with Mom and Dad

When was the last time you talked to mom and dad about going to their doctor for a routine check-up? Are you already dreading the conversation with them? It can be tough to talk to your senior parents about their health as they grow older, especially if you think it’s time to consider an assisted living option. If you’re thinking mom and dad might benefit from an assisted living community like Lester Senior Living in Morris County, you may also be wondering what’s the best way to approach the subject. Luckily, our assisted living  team in Whippany, NJ has put a list together of the best ways to discuss an assisted living community with mom and dad. 

How to transition your senior parents into assisted living

  • Truly listen and observe. There’s a chance that you might not be offering the right solution for mom and dad. Everyone wants what is best for their parents, but before you offer your opinion on what that is, you need to fully understand their feelings and day-to-day struggles. Offering suggestions without listening to what they truly want will make them more resistant to changing their lifestyle. Instead, do your best to respect their feelings and observe their day-to-day routine, noting where their struggles occur. Your parents will appreciate being listened to, valued and included in the decision – and you’ll build more trust with one another in the process.
  • Assess the risk. It’s easy to resort to worst-case scenarios, letting yourself feel anxious while worrying about your aging parents. Instead of allowing your imagination to get the best of you, evaluate the current risks and have an honest discussion with your parents about all of their options. If your parents are still very independent, a senior independent living apartment may be their best bet. Or maybe your parents require more around-the-clock care and will do better in an assisted living facility. Either way, it’s a decision you must make together as a family. 
  • Remember, this is not a “one and done” type of deal. The Jewish Community Housing Corporation is here for you every step of the way and can advise you on how to approach these tough conversations with mom and dad. However, it’s really important to remember that this is a process that takes time. Oftentimes, the assisted living conversation repeats multiple times  before a final decision is made.
  • Always be honest and direct. If you find the ideal assisted living option for your parents, don’t get too excited. Mom and dad will most likely  not share your enthusiasm. As discussed above, it’s going to take time to get your senior parents on board. That’s why it’s important to discuss the positive aspects with them and also make it clear that you’re willing to discuss the details that they find not-so-positive. Only gravitating towards the good aspects may make your parents feel like you’re not taking their concerns and feelings seriously.

Supportive Assisted Living in Morris County, NJ 

At Lester Senior Living, having caregivers on-site around the clock, means your senior family member can get the extra help they need immediately. We have one of the best ratios of staff to residents in the industry, which means we never skimp on care. We also strive to provide many opportunities for socialization and exercise, such as chair yoga classes and themed outdoor barbecues. Lester Senior Living is more than just a place to live, it’s a close-knit community. Most of our staff members and residents have been with us for over ten years! We consider them family, and are always looking for new members to join.  

If you have any questions about our senior care services, or if you’d like to see if our assisted living community is the right fit for your loved one, please contact Lester Senior Living today: (973) 929-2725. You could also visit our website for more information on our assisted living campus in Morris County, NJ: https://jchcorp.org/assisted-living-morris-county-nj/