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Easy Exercises Seniors Can Do Outdoors

Summer is in the air! With everyone spending significantly more time outdoors, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t incorporate a daily workout outside while the weather is warm. Not to mention, seniors who stay active preserve their mobility for longer, have less dementia-related sleep problems and are just happier overall! If you’re looking for an easy way to incorporate an outdoor workout, we have some recommendations from our senior living coordinators in Morris County

Daily Walks

Walking outside is a low-impact exercise that is perfect for seniors. It is easy to do, requires no equipment, and can be done absolutely anywhere. Walking can help seniors improve their cardiovascular health, strengthen their muscles, and improve their balance and coordination. To start, older adults can take short daily walks around their neighborhood or local park, gradually increasing their distance and pace over time. At Lester Senior Living in Morris County, we have beautiful grounds and walking trails for our residents to enjoy each day. 

Outdoor Yoga Classes

Yoga is another great option for seniors looking to be more active outdoors. It can help improve flexibility, balance, and strength, while also reducing stress. Many assisted living communities like Lester Senior Living offer exercise classes that are held outside (weather permitting). Our chair yoga class is a crowd favorite and can be modified to suit residents of all mobility levels. 

Maintaining an Outdoor Garden

Gardening is a fun and rewarding way for seniors to work on their fitness outdoors. It can help improve strength and balance, while also nurturing a sense of accomplishment and connection with nature. Lester Senior Living has an avid gardening club that provides residents access to gardening tools, raised garden beds, and other resources to help get started!

Perform Tai Chi Outdoors

Tai Chi is a gentle form of exercise that can help improve balance, flexibility, and strength, while also reducing stress. Seniors who are interested can ask their local community center or gym about whether or not they offer Tai Chi classes outdoors. If all else fails, there are many beginner Tai Chi videos to follow on YouTube. Caregivers in a senior community can easily help residents stream a video to their smartphone or tablet and set up a space outdoors to perform this ancient art. 

Exercise for Independent Seniors in New Jersey

Independent living communities like Lester Senior Living in NJ can play a crucial role in helping seniors get more exercise outside. We can organize outdoor exercise classes, offer a space to garden outside and offer transportation to nearby parks. Our compassionate staff members also provide residents with support and encouragement, helping them overcome any barriers or challenges they may face when trying a new fitness routine. We have a community calendar filled each month with different fitness classes to satisfy every resident’s mobility, such as “Stretch & Flex,” “Sit and Be Fit” and “Cha Cha Chair Dancing” – just to name a few. Our trained instructors are ready to assist or modify each exercise for your loved one to ensure their safety is the top priority at all times. 

To learn more about our senior health and wellness programs in New Jersey, contact JCHC today or visit our website at: https://jchcorp.org