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Dancing in the Street!

While we don’t recommend actually dancing in the street as the song suggests, we do recommend dancing every day! Engaging both the body and mind, dance is a great exercise for seniors especially because it is more gentle in nature than say High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) or running. Dance is also very malleable, practically any dance move can be modified to the dancer’s range of mobility. At the risk of sounding corny, you could quite literally dance to the beat of your own drum without getting hurt! Not to mention, a good dance session has many benefits that you might be surprised to learn. In this article, our fitness instructors at JCHC have compiled the most rewarding benefits of dancing for seniors.

  • Benefits bone health. You heard that right! Movement, dance moves in particular, improves bone strength because it increases bone mass. Most people reach their peak bone mass by the age of 30. With that being said, it’s important to improve bone strength as we age because stronger bones means you have a better chance of maintaining control over your mobility.
  • Improves cardiovascular health. Even though it’s low-impact, dancing provides the same heart and pulmonary benefits as that of a traditional cardio workout. To really soak in all the cardiovascular advantages, our recommendation is to dance at least 1 hour a day.
  • Better memory recollection. This benefit is huge for seniors! While dancing cannot cure memory loss, it can strengthen your cognitive abilities. Memorizing steps and maintaining focus to complete regular dance routines has been linked to increased brain activity and cognitive performance.
  • Confidence builder. Although you may feel silly when you first start out, dancing every day is a great way to build confidence. Being in control of your body and moving to any rhythm is empowering, both mentally and physically. Plus, dancing regularly keeps your muscles tight and toned, which is bound to make you feel confident with your outward appearance.
  • Expand your social circle. Socialization 101: find an activity you love and join a group of like-minded people who enjoy the same activity. It’s really that simple. Especially if you already reside at a progressive assisted living community that offers regular dance classes like Lester Senior Living.

Dance classes for independent seniors in New Jersey

If you would like to take a step towards improving your quality of life through dance, our dedicated team at Lester Senior Living is here to boogie! We have a community calendar filled each month with different dance and fitness classes to satisfy every resident’s mobility, such as “Stretch & Flex,” “Sit and Be Fit” and “Cha Cha Chair Dancing” – just to name a few. If you have mobility restrictions or are just nervous about starting dance, don’t worry! Safety is our top priority at all times, that’s why there are always instructors available to modify each dance move or assist you if needed.

In addition to our dance classes and fitness programs, our communities also offer more advanced senior care services like assisted living and memory support for those with Alzheimer’s and dementia.

To learn more about our senior services in New Jersey, contact JCHC today or visit our website at: https://jchcorp.org