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Caregiver Tips for Getting Seniors Dressed

Getting dressed in the morning helps us all feel more mentally prepared to take on the day. This reigns even more true for seniors. Remember mom and dad come from a time when men primarily wore suits and women chose between a dress or skirt. Dressing up for the day helps seniors feel more confident, and when older adults feel more confident – they become more social with the people around them. However, it can be difficult for some seniors to get dressed in the morning due to mobility limitations or memory loss. If you’re a caregiver who is new to getting your loved one dressed, here are some tips to make the process easier for everyone involved.

  1. Encourage independence whenever possible. One of the fundamental aspects of caregiving is promoting independence. It’s important to encourage seniors to do as much as they can for themselves, respecting their abilities and preferences. Provide choices when it comes to clothing options, allowing them to maintain their personal style. This way, seniors can retain a sense of control and dignity while receiving necessary support. With staff members available 24/7, residents at Lester Senior Living in NJ can receive assistance with bathing or grooming, while still having the freedom to make their own choices during their morning routine.

  2. Create a comfortable environment that’s easy to navigate. Make sure the senior’s living space is conducive to their morning routine. Arrange clothing and personal items in an organized manner to make them easily accessible. Consider adaptations such as installing grab bars or handrails in the bedroom or bathroom to enhance safety. In assisted living communities like Lester, the living spaces are designed with seniors’ needs in mind. The layout and amenities are tailored to promote accessibility and comfort, allowing residents to move around with ease as they go about their days.

  3. Establish a consistent morning routine. Seniors thrive on structure and familiarity. Creating a routine for your loved one to follow each day can bring a sense of stability to their day. Make sure their schedule includes ample time for dressing and grooming, and that it aligns with their natural rhythm. For example, if mom usually wakes up at 7am hungry – do not have their new schedule start with a shower at 6am. Be patient as it will take time for a routine to take effect and stay consistent. Rushing can cause unnecessary stress for everyone, so try to remember to stay cool, calm and collected if your loved one is making you a little bit late in the morning.

  4. Cut down on clothing choices. As cognitive and physical abilities may change with age, it’s helpful to keep clothing choices for seniors more simple. Opt for clothing with elastic waistbands, Velcro fastenings, or large buttons that are easier to manage. Choose comfortable, breathable fabrics that accommodate any issues with mobility, temperature regulation and how the item of clothing fits. For example, if dad always runs hot, you can probably throw out some of his many holiday sweaters. At Lester, staff members are trained to assist seniors in selecting clothing that is weather-appropriate and suits their individual needs and style preferences.

  5. Offer gentle support and respect boundaries.  When helping seniors with dressing and grooming, approach the task with empathy above all else. It can feel degrading to some seniors to even ask for help getting dressed in the morning. That being said, if they are allowing you to assist them, make sure you maintain clear communication throughout the process. Explain each step before proceeding, use a gentle touch and stop when they are uncomfortable, because their dignity should always come first. 

Onsite beauty salon for residents at Lester Senior Living

Assisting seniors with their morning routines requires a delicate balance between promoting independence and providing support. We’ve mastered that balance here at Lester Senior Living by offering round-the-clock staff members who are trained to understand and support the unique needs of each resident, as well as a beauty salon on site to help our residents get dolled up for the day. Together, we can ensure that seniors start their days on a positive note, while enhancing their quality of life. 

To learn more about our senior care services and amenities in Morris County, please give us a call and visit our website at: https://jchcorp.org