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Beyond Bingo: Unconventional Activities at Lester Senior Living

While we love a good game of bingo here at Lester Senior Living, it is far from being the only extracurricular activity available to residents at our facility. At Lester, we value our people more than anything else, which means we take the time to understand their varying and complex wants and needs. Seniors in particular may need a consistent daily routine to follow, but that doesn’t mean the activities they allot time for each day have to remain the same. Variety is the spice of life and our variety of activities is a major part of what keeps our residents happy – all year round. In this article, our team of senior activity coordinators will discuss the varying and perhaps, unconventional activities offered to our seniors in Morris County

Weekly Shabbat Services and Torah Study

One cornerstone of our community is the celebration of Jewish faith. Every week, residents gather for Shabbat services and Torah study classes, fostering a sense of connection and continuity with their Jewish heritage. These gatherings are not only moments of reflection and prayer, but also opportunities for social bonding and camaraderie. 

Unique Fitness and Movement Classes

For those inclined towards physical fitness, our offerings extend far beyond conventional exercise routines. From high-energy Zumba sessions to gentle Chair Chi and rejuvenating “Stretch & Flex” classes, there’s something for everyone to get moving and grooving. Speaking of, we even have a class called “Move & Groove!” Our fitness programs are designed to be fun while promoting strength, flexibility, and overall well-being for each of our residents.

Themed Movie Matinees

It’s not all about the hustle and bustle here at Lester. Our seniors also relish the opportunity to unwind and indulge in more leisurely pursuits. Imagine cozying up in our newly constructed movie theater for themed movie matinees, complete with popcorn, refreshments and camaraderie? This month, we have American Classics scheduled like “Some Like it Hot” and a Queen Bee matinee featuring “Breakfast at Tiffanys.” Both matinees wouldn’t be complete without a refreshing mimosa, don’t you agree? 

Competitive Card Games

Whether you’re a bit rusty or a seasoned card player, we encourage residents to engage in friendly competitions over Mahjong or Canasta in our game room. Where strategy meets sociability, our game room is always filled with people who are excited to play! Don’t worry if you’re just starting out, we also offer beginner Canasta lessons with Albert Spiro so you can join the “big leagues” sooner rather than later.

Record Playing in the Weston Living Room

For those who love feeling nostalgic, residents congregate at the Weston Living Room throughout the week to listen to old records. It’s a safe haven where our seniors can immerse themselves in the rich sounds of music by singing and dancing. More so, it’s a journey down memory lane, reminding our seniors of simpler times accentuated by the timeless treasure of music played on records.

Live Entertainment Each Month at Lester Senior Living in NJ

The excitement doesn’t stop there! We’re committed to keeping our community buzzing with energy by regularly hosting live entertainment featuring local talent. Whether it’s a comedy skit, musical performance, or an enlightening lecture by an industry professional, these monthly events add a splash of enthusiasm and culture to our residents’ lives.

At Lester, we’re not just providing a place to live. We’re building experiences that truly resonate with every senior in our care. Whether you prefer the peace and tranquility of gardening or don;t feel content unless you’re splattering paint on a canvas, we have an activity for every type of person here in our community. If you’re curious to learn more about the unique ways we’re redefining independent living in NJ, please give us a call or visit our website at: https://jchcorp.org/