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Assisted Living or Independent Living?

Have you or your senior loved one considered community-style living? It’s never an easy choice to make, but there comes a time when it’s the smartest and safest choice for everyone involved in the family dynamic. Luckily, senior living has come a long way in terms of the choices available and the varying levels of care offered at each facility. With that being said, you may be wondering which is the more appropriate choice: assisted living or independent living? We’ve highlighted the main advantages of both options at Lester Senior Living to give you or your loved one better insight on what we have to offer at our senior community in Morris County, NJ.

Independent living at Lester

Independent living communities are for seniors who require very little to no assistance. They are often “empty-nesters” who realize they want to be around people their own age more, who also share the same interests. These older adults have also realized they no longer want to deal with the stresses that come with owning a big home. Seniors who opt for independent living usually have access to light support services and social and dining programs.

The (Heller) independent living apartments at JCHC’s Lester are part of a larger senior campus that includes another building dedicated to assisted living apartments (Weston). These two buildings are interconnected by a lobby and dining room, and all the residents of Lester Senior Living come together to enjoy activities like Zumba, gardening, mahjong, university-level classes and more! You can take advantage of as many of these activities as you like, but it’s always your independent choice to make. And if someday you require more support that is available through assisted living, you would only need to move across the lobby!

Assisted living at Lester

Assisted living communities provide many support services for seniors, like medication management, bathing, dressing, cleaning and more. These support services are usually scaled to the individual, which means you can opt for the care that makes sense to your unique situation. Undoubtedly, assisted living is the best option for seniors with limited mobility or a chronic health condition that requires monitoring. 

At our Weston assisted living apartments, you will be part of a warm community that believes in living life to the fullest! Having caregivers on-site around the clock, ensures you can get the extra help you need, when you need it – in order to give you more independence to pursue the things you love to do. Not to mention, our facility has one of the best ratios of staff to residents in the industry, which means we never fall short on care. Our staff members can assist with getting dressed for the day, keeping your apartment tidy, managing your medication list, and more, all in the comfort and privacy of your apartment. Plus, you have access to all of the monthly social activities that are shared with our independent living residents across the way.

Narrowing it down…

In order to decide which senior living option is the best for you or your loved one, answering the following questions can help you narrow in on a decision:

  • Do you need help bathing and getting dressed for the day?
  • Do you have arthritis or another chronic health condition?
  • Do you have limited mobility?
  • Are you on multiple medications that need to be properly tracked each day?
  • Do you need help cooking or cleaning?

If the answer is “yes” to any of these questions, assisted living might be the better option over independent living. The good news is that if you live at Lester, you don’t have to worry if your needs change, moving from independent living to assisted living is as easy as moving across the lobby!

Adjust senior care accordingly at Lester Senior Living, NJ

At Lester Senior Living, you can easily adjust your living situation as your care needs change. Perhaps you’ll start off in our independent living building, and then after a few years you’ll feel that assisted living in the Weston building is more appropriate for your personal care needs. As we mentioned before, going from independent to assisted living is only a quick move across the lobby. Which means you don’t have to uproot your life and start over again. You can keep the same friends, activities and lifestyle at Lester Senior Living – no matter what.

If you have any questions about independent living or assisted living in morris county, please call us today or visit our website to learn more: https://jchcorp.org/