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Pretzel Challah Bread Recipe

There’s nothing wrong with traditional holiday recipes. In fact, we’re sure a majority of you look forward to certain Hanukkah staples every year like brisket and kugel. However, there is also nothing wrong with wanting to mix it up. You know, you could always “challah” at us for a great new recipe. If you’re looking for a twist (pun intended) on a classic Hanukkah…

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8 “Nights” of Hanukkah Celebrations at the JCHC!

Whether your loved one has recently moved to JCHC’s Lester Senior Living community or has been a long-time resident, don’t stress about rearranging plans for Hanukkah. One of the best things about senior living in the Jewish tradition

Age is Just a Number for These Inspirational Seniors

The cultural and societal stereotypes associated with getting older have changed dramatically in our lifetime. Older adults used to be viewed as generally less able than younger people, however our world has always been full of inspirational seniors who defy the stereotypes and embrace their independence. With the holidays approaching, there’s no time like the present…

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