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Dark Chocolate Recipe to Benefit Senior Health

You have probably heard the age-old saying, “an apple a day keeps the doctor away,” but has anyone ever told you that a sweet treat, like dark chocolate, could improve your health as well?

Studies suggest that eating raw unprocessed cocoa, a natural rich source of flavanols, can positively increase energy levels, raise...

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Retiring at Home Can Have its Challenges

Retiring in the comfort of your own home is the unspoken plan for many seniors. After decades of hard work and responsibilities, the idea of growing old in a familiar environment does seem appealing. However, the reality of staying in your home long after your working life is over, can come with challenges that no one really talks about. These challenges can affect...

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Fall Activities and Hobbies for Seniors

Fall is finally here! There’s a chill in the air, Halloween decorations are up, and we’re feeling nice and cozy as we break out the knitted sweaters and blankets. Autumn is a great time to get outside and do fun activities as a family. Especially if your family includes senior loved ones as the heat of the summer is gone and the cold winter temperatures haven’t...

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Did Someone Say Apple Cider Sufganiyot?

Who says sufganiyot (Hanukkah doughnuts) must be reserved strictly for Hanukkah? With apple picking in full swing and Thanksgiving just around the corner, sufganiyot can be the perfect fall dessert to serve at your next get together. Let’s take them for a spin now and incorporate a signature fall flavor: apple cider. Our culinary team at Lester Senior Living...

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The “Never Stop Playing” Challenge for Seniors

When we think of playing, our minds often drift to carefree childhood days filled with laughter and imagination. Where after meeting up with all the neighborhood kids at the “watering hole,” the biggest problem was deciding what game to play. Those were the days, right… but, who says they have to be over? What if we told you that playing is just as important...

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