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JCHC Mandelbrot Recipe, A Cookie Tradition

This centuries-old cookie is a staple in our culture. Even though Mandelbrot has been around for so long, there are many different variations to enjoy. Variations that include dried fruit, nuts, and even sprinkles! But for today, we’re going to share the signature recipe from our chefs at Lester Senior Living. Did we mention it includes chocolate chips?

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What You Need to Know About Holiday Respite Care for Seniors with Dementia

With the winter holidays coming and caregivers planning some time off, concern for senior loved ones is also on the horizon for many people. Who will watch out for mom and dad’s daily needs while I’m away? And, will their interests be attended to in ways that will keep them happy and safe? These concerns are even more magnified when your loved one suffers from...

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How to Navigate the Stages of Alzheimer’s Disease

Alzheimer’s disease is a diagnosis that not only your loved one, but the whole family as well. Life is going to change, and mom or dad will require more help and supervision on a day to day basis. The degree of this help will vary depending on what stage your loved one is at in the disease. In most cases, Alzheimer’s symptoms...

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