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What Does It Mean To Receive Memory Support?

While memory care services are often associated with assisted living and may overlap, the two are not the same. Assisted living primarily focuses on providing essential support for day-to-day living like bathing, dressing, meal preparation and medication, while memory support specifically assists residents with dementia conditions like Alzheimer’s disease. If you’re still looking for some insight...

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How to Make a Senior Friendly Space

As our loved ones age, their homes can become less easy to live in. Especially if your loved one is limited by mobility or health issues. While this doesn’t mean a move is in the cards quite yet, there’s a lot that family and caregivers can do now to help make their living space more Senior friendly. Here are some tips from our assisted...

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A Perfect Recipe for Passover!

Food is an essential part of the Passover celebration, although it can be challenging to stick to the dietary restrictions. If you are looking for a new Passover recipe we have you covered with this Pomegranate Glazed Salmon. It’s the perfect recipe for your Passover celebration but truthfully, this recipe is delicious any time of the year!


5 Tips to Improve Senior Joint Health

One of the biggest health challenges facing seniors today is keeping bones and joints healthy and strong. Unfortunately, as we get older the cartilage that cushions your joints wear down, eventually leading to inflammation and pain. However, there are a few things you can do to help relieve this pain and protect your joints from more wear-and-tear. Our dedicated staff members at Lester...

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