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Creating Memories with Seniors in The Face of Memory Loss

The effects of dementia on family members and friends can be difficult to deal with as older loved ones suffer with memory loss. Grown children and grandchildren may yearn to maintain connections with the seniors in their lives who are having trouble remembering shared experiences, milestone occasions, or even names.

However, there are many wonderful ways that families can create new memories...

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A Creative, Holistic Approach to Memory Care

When memory becomes a challenge, the five senses can open doors to mental and emotional wellness. Music, art, movement, and other creative activities are known to stimulate the part of the brain that controls emotion and may even spark some cognitive function. At the Memory Care Suite at Lester, residents enjoy a variety of holistic therapies that harness the power of the senses to improve their...

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The Importance of Good Nutrition for Dementia Sufferers

So many of the things we take for granted in life become difficult for those with dementia, not the least of which is eating healthy and nutritious meals. Poor nutrition can increase a dementia patient’s behavioral symptoms. It can also cause weight loss that could make a person’s condition deteriorate more rapidly. To prevent these issues for seniors with memory disorders, caregivers need to...

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